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   APC UPS Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits (RBC)

UPS Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits
for APC UPS Systems by Scott Batteries Co.

Replacement Battery Cartridges for APC UPS Systems

Critical Power Company UPS Battery Kits Feature:
- Maintenance free, sealed batteries
- 2 year battery and battery kit warranty
- New batteries from factory OEM suppliers
- Guaranteed to meet or exceed original battery
- Installation instructions and guidelines included
- Battery kits sold complete with fuses, connectors and
  wiring assemblies as needed

Model Numbers & Pricing On Popular Models

Battery Kit     Price               Application

SB - RBC1          $58.00           For use on BK200, BK200B

SB - RBC2          $32.00           SU420, SU420NET, BK500, BP500

SB - RBC3          $55.00           BK450, BK520, BK650

SB - RBC4          $44.00           BP650PNP , SU650NET, SU650VS

SB - RBC5          $65.00           SU700, SU450, SU600, SU700

SB - RBC6          $85.00           SU1000, SU1000RMNET, SUA1000

SB - RBC7          $120.00         SU1250, SU1400, SU1000XL, SU700XL

SB - RBC8          $128.00         SU1400RM, SU1400RMNET

SB - RBC9          $64.00           SU700RM, SU700RMNET

SB - RBC10        $38.00           BF250, BF280C, BF350, BK280

SB - RBC11        $220.00        SU2200, SU2200RM, SU3000, SU3000RM

SB - RBC12          Call             SU3000RM3U, SU2200RM3U,
                                                   SU5000RMT5U (2X)

SB - RBC14        $880.00        Matrix 3000XR, MX3000XR
                                                   Matrix 5000XR, MX5000XR

SB - RBC18        $64.00          PS450, PS450I

SB - RBC21*     $38.00           BF400C, BF500

SB - RBC22*     $64.00           Batteries Only - SU700RM2U

SB - RBC23*     $128.00         Batteries Only - SU1000RM2U

SB - RBC24*     $128.00         Batteries Only - SU1400RM2U

SB - RBC25*     $128.00         Batteries Only - SU1400RMXL3U

SB-SmartCell* $220.00        Batteries Only - Matrix MX3000, MX5000

* Designates that sale is for batteries only and does not include
   battery holding chassis or harness.

To Download UPS Crossover for APC Systems - Click Here

The Critical Power Company provides replacement battery
services for Symmetra SYBATT battery modules. Please call for
pricing specifics.

To place an order, discuss product specifics or to schedule a site
visit, please call us so that we may configure a solution that best fits
your company's critical power needs.

       For pricing and applications specifics
        Please contact us @ 949 646-8646
       or email sales@critical-power.com

 APC UPS Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits for APC UPS Emergency Power Systems inncluding RBC7, RBC11, RBC14

UPS Replacement Battery Kits for APC UPS Systems including SB-RBC6 RBC Kit

SB-RBC6 UPS Battery Kit


UPS Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits, RBC, for Smartups, Backups, Symettra and Matrix

SB-RBC7 Battery Kit

Scott Batteries Co. Supplier of UPS Replacent Battery Kits for APC UPS Systems

UPS Replacment Battery Kits - RBC - for Smartups


UPS Replacement Battery Kits for APC Smartups, Backups and Matrix UPS Systems

APC Matrix UPS Replacement Battery Kits for Standard and XL Cabinets



APC Sybatt UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge and Battery Re-populating Services

APC Sybatt Battery
Re-populating Services











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