Critical Power Co. Providing Emergency Power Battery Backup Systems for Computers, Servers, Network Switches, VoiP and Telephone Communication
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About Us

The Critical Power Company is a  provider of high availability emergency power systems for business, government, education, municipal and military applications requiring critical, emergency standby power.

Applications include emergency power backup and surge suppression for computer, network equipment including Cisco switches and routers, VOIP communication, telephone, radio and OEM and replacement battery systems.

Additional solutions included UL 924 emergency lighting inverters, 24 and 48 volt datacom inverters, DC power plants, factory floor backup power for manufacturing and remote power requirements.  Equipment room precision cooling systems from Liebert, Kwikool and Mobile Air are also provided. HVAC systems are sized from 1.0 ton - 10.0 ton, ceiling or floor mount.

The Critical Power Company is a d.b.a. of SBC Data Power, a California based corporation.

Cost Effective, Engineered Solutions

Our engineered solutions are from the finest names in emergency power including Liebert, APC, Emerson Network Power, Unipower, Xantrex, Uptime Devices and others.

Battery and charging systems for 12, 24, 48 and 120V DC batteries are provided from B&B, Concorde, Leoch, Powersonic and Scott Batteries.

Our company products and services are designed to assist those with the responsibility of implementing, maintaining and supporting emergency and mission critical power, campus and facility power, IT and computer power needs.

The Critical Power Company understands the importance that crucial infrastructure related equipment provides and the importance that these products play in the success of their companies.

Our mission statement, “Protecting from Downtime, Data Loss and Damage!”

The Critical Power Company provides products and services that support:

• Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
• Industrial / Remote Power Systems
• Emergency and Egress Lighting (Lighting Inverters) Equipment
• Telecommunications and Data Centers
• DC Power Plants and Distribution Systems
• Rectifier and Charger Solutions

Commitment to Quality

“Zero Downtime” - Critical Power Company understands the impact that each company faces when their networks and infrastructure support systems are down.  Thus, each manufacturer that we partner with is chosen with care to insure that their products and solutions match our own high level of standards.

Technology and Engineering

Critical Power Company continues to work with the leading power and design firms to insure that the most up-to-date solutions are available for our customers power needs.

Product Integration and Manufacturing

The philosophy of the company is to utilize best-of-class manufacturers, provide installation and application expertise, ensure each solution provides the result that it was designed for.

Customer Support

At Critical Power Company, customer support starts before the first purchase is ever made. By better
understanding the level of responsibility that each manager and engineer face, we are able to tailor our services to provide the proper level of support that each installation warrants.

We do this by providing:

• Pre-Installation and Design Criteria
• Facility Specifications and Standards
• Installation Certifications
• Preventative Maintenance and Support Contracts
• 24x7 Emergency Services
• Technical Assistance

Critical Power Company also provides solutions for customers requiring 12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt and 120 volt service applications along with batteries and equipment maintenance.

Critical Power Company does accept purchase orders from Government, State and Federal offices, Schools, Universities, Military and Business Corporations.

To place an order, inquire about specific applications or to schedule a site visit, please call us at 949 646-8646.

Liebert UPS Emergency Power for Computers, Servers and Network Switch - Routers
Liebert Data Center and Computer Power Emergency Backup Protection
Liebert GXT2 Emergency Power  Backup for Cisco Switches
APC UPS Emergency Power Protection and UPS Replacement RBC Batteries
Emerson Network Power UPS Data Center Emergency Power Backup
Emerson Network Power for Computer UPS Emergency Power Protection
Scott Batteries UPS & Emergency Lighting Inverter Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits
Scott Batteries - Replacement UPS Batteries & Battery Kits for APC, Liebert, Powerware and Best Power Emergency Backup Power Systems
Xantrex Datacom XDI 48 Volt Inverters for Data Center 120 VAC Power
Uptime Devices Environmental Data Center and Equipment Room Monitoring for Temperature, Humidity and Water
B&B, Best and Best Batteries for UPs and Emergency Backup Power
Unipower Corporation DC Power Inverters and Rectifiers for Communication Backup
Kwikool Portable Data Center Equipment Room Cooling 1.0 to 10.0 ton Cooling Capacity
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