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   DC Power Systems from Alpha / Argus Technologies

Alpha / Argus Technologies - DC Power Systems

DC Power Inverters and Battery Charging
Systems For 12, 24 and 48 Volt DC Power

Providing DC Power Solutions for Communication,
Data Center and Network Infrastructure Requirements

Alpha / Argus Technologies manufactures DC power systems in 12VDC,
24VDC, 48 VDC and 120VDC.  Output ratings are from 5 amps to 2000
amps in rackmount or standalone configurations.

DC power provides high-reliability, long runtime backup power.
Elimination of the sine wave conversion from AC to DC, maximizes
efficiencies, equipment life and reduces heat.

Alpha Technologies / Argus Battery Charging Systems

Argus provides battery charging systems for computer
and equipment rooms. These include 12, 24 and 48 volt
battery strings.

Alpha Technologies / Argus Power Systems

Argus Power Systems include the Pathfinder, Vista and BP
Series which are ideal for telecom, computer and network
power solutions. . Power modules are hot swappable and
can operate in parallel for N+1 redundancy.

Alpha Technologies / Argus Rectifiers

Argus rectifiers provide a full range of compact solutions with output
ratings from 7.5 to 180 amps.

Alpha Technologies / Argus DC Distribution

Argus DC distribution solutions include fuse panels, circuit breakers
and front access distribution panels.

Creating Ultra Long Runtimes

Creating runtime solutions of 8 hours or more.   Systems designed for
24 x 7 x 365 operation.

System Features Include:
  Plug-in module design
  Distributed architecture
  Remote management over the web
  Battery systems with circuit breakers protection
  Hot Swappable, N + 1 designs
  Wide range of AC input range
  NEBS Level 3 Compliant

Battery Systems - New and Replacement

The Critical Power Company does provide batteries and replacement
48 volt and 24 volt batteries and battery charging systems.

 For Replacement Batteries Information Click Here

For pricing and product specifics, or to schedule a site visit,
please call us so that we may configure a solution that best fits
your company's needs.

       For pricing and applications specifics
        Please contact us @ 949 646-8646
       or email sales@critical-power.com



Argus DC Power Systems for Critical DC Power and Emergency Power Backup



Argus DC Power Systems for 48 Volt Commmunication Power



 Argus Cordex Rectifier for Battery Charging and DC Power

Cordex Rectifier Series

for High Availability Power


Argus DC Power Family for Battery Charging and DC Power Communication Needs



Argus Cordex Rectifier for Data Center Battery Charging and DC Power

Cordex High Efficiency

Rectifier Shelf Series



Critical Power Co. 48 Volt DC Power Battery System Backup for Communication Power Requirements




SBS Emergency Power Batteries for Voice, Computer and Data Center Power



Backup Computer Power Systems with DC Power, UPS and Emergency Power Systems


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