Critical Power Co. Providing Emergency Power Battery Backup Systems for Computers, Servers, Network Switches, VoiP and Telephone Communication
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   Computer Racking Solutions from APC and Liebert

Computer Cabinet and Racking Systems
For Voice, Data and Power System Installations

Products From Liebert and Vertiv Network Power

Liebert's Air Conditioned Mini Computer Room Cabinet

Portable Air Conditioned 42U Computer Rack for Computers,
Servers, Network Equipment and Data Center Routers & Switches

Protecting computers, servers and network equipment from over-heating
environmentals with cost efffective, true air conditioning solutions.

A completely self-contained, locking computer room, air-conditioned server
rack cabinet. A NEMA that enclosure provides true 1/2 ton air condition cooling
and humidifying. Environmental protection, security and power protection
where protection from water, dirt and security is a must.  Please contact us
for pricing and application specifics.

Liebert Mini Computer Room - Environmental and UPS Protection

The NEMA rated enclosure features Liebert's air conditioners, designed for
24 x 7 operation.  Cabinets integrated with Liebert online double conversion
UPS, power strips and network communication.

Liebert Mini Computer Room Features:

• 42U Locking Four Post Computer Cabinet
• Integrated On-Line Double Conversion UPS
• ½ Ton Air-conditioner for Computer Cooling
• Protection from Temperature and Humidity
• Inside Air Re-circulated and isolated from the outsider
• Air conditioners installed internally or on top of the cabinet.
• Optional fan system available to transfer rejected heat outside the room

Liebert DCF Enclosures 4 Post Enclosure Racks
24U and 42U Racking Systems for 19" Components

The Liebert DCF series enclosure provides a four post frame racking system
for computers and network equipment. Racks made of high grade aluminum
extrusions and offers 24U and 42U racking space.

APC Netshelter VS, ES and VW Enclosures

NetShelter VS, ES and VW Enclosures are enclosure solutions for
equipment room and datacenter environments. NetShelter solutions
provide four post open and enclosed solutions.

Netshelter WX provides 13U cabinet solutions for 19" networking equipment,
hubs and routers. Units are designed for wall mount or floor mount.

Liebert Foundation Computer Cabinets
Foundation Enclosures are Equipment Mounting

The Foundation Computer Cabinets provide 42U and 22U equipment
mounting solutions. Liebert provides and integrated system for data center
and equipment room mounting. Flexible designs accommodates a variety of

Liebert’s line of equipment integrates power protection, environmental
protection and monitoring. Call for application specifics.

For pricing and product specific information for each of the products
listed or to schedule a site visit, please call us so that we may configure
a solution that best fits your company's critical power needs.

The Critical Power Company does sell to educational, government,
military, municipal accounts and does accept purchase orders from
these organizations.

Please call us so that we may configure a solution for your particular

      For pricing and applications specifics
        Please contact us @ 949 646-8646
       or email
– sales@critical-power.com


Liebert Data Center and Computer Power Emergency Backup Protection for Servers, Hubs and Network Switches
Vertiv Liebert UPS Emergency Power Systems


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Liebert Emerson Network Power Mini Computer Room for Computer Server Rack Cooling




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