Critical Power Co. Providing Emergency Power Battery Backup Systems for Computers, Servers, Network Switches, VoiP and Telephone Communication
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 Costa Mesa, Ca  92627  USA
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   Scott Batteries Co. -  Provider of Batteries and DC Power Systems  

Scott Batteries Co. - Solution Provider of
Batteries and UPS Replacement Battery
Systems for AC and DC Power Systems

Providing High Capacity Batteries and
Industrial Grade Battery Charging Systems

Supplier of UPS Replacement Batteries for APC
Liebert, Best Power and Powerware UPS Systems

The Critical Power Company is pleased utilize the design and
manufacturing services of the Scott Batteries Co. for its UPS
replacement battery product line.  Scott Batteries, a solutions
provider of batteries and high availability DC power systems
for commercial, industrial, government and educational battery

Solutions include custom battery configurations, UPS replacement
batteries for APC, Liebert, Best Power and other UPS manufactures.
Custom extended runtime battery backup systems are also

For UPS Replacement Battery Kits, click here

Re-Population of UPS Battery Cartridges

Scott Batteries offers battery re-population services for
the APC Symmetra Sybatt cartridges and the Liebert Nfinty
NBATTMOD battery modules.  Call us for specifics.

Datacom and Industrial DC Power Systems

Industrial solutions include 12 volt, 24 volt,48 volt and 120 volt
battery and battery charging systems for data center and telco
communication and network power systems.  Applications
include telephone and VoiP backup power, radio, 120VDC switch
gear power, factory floor and remote power needs.

To enquire about an order, discuss product specifics or to
schedule a site visit, please call us so that we may configure
a solution that best fits your company's critical power needs.

       For pricing and applications specifics
        Please contact us @ 949 646-8646
       or e
mail sales@critical-power.com


 Scott Batteries Co. Supplier of UPS Replacent Battery Kits for APC Liebert Best Power and Powerware UPS Systems


UPS Replacement Battery Kits for APC Liebert Best Power Powerware UPS Systems including SB-RBC6 RBC Kit

         UPS Batteries Kits for APC,

Liebert and Best Power


Scott Batteries Co. Configurable

Battery Stacking Array

Scott Batteries DC Power Battery Stacking Array for 4D and 8D Batteries



APC UPS Replacement Batteries and Battery Kits for APC UPS Emergency Power Systems inncluding RBC7, RBC11, RBC14


APC Sybatt Battery

Re-populating Services


APC Sybatt UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge and Battery Re-populating Services

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